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Rom Rincon Rum

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Rom Rincon info

At the Kaya C.D. Crestian 8 & 10 lies The Cadushy Distillery, a 1500 square meter mecca for the adventurous drinker and curious traveler. The only of its kind on Bonaire! We are not only a working distillery in the center of Rincon, but also the home of the Cadushy Experience, located in historical buildings and has a beautiful garden with ancient Calbas trees, many lora parrots and even some hummingbirds. The Cadushy Experience receives about 25.000 visitors annually.

Right at the premises we produce all our products among which the Worlds unique Cactus Liqueur Cadushy of Bonaire Liqueur and the Award winning Rom Rincon.

The Spirit of Bonaire
When Master distiller, Eric Gietman, wanted to develop a spirit line he dicided to call it “The Spirit of Bonaire”… a tribute to the Island of Bonaire and its community.

Since he was a rum drinker himself, he first devoloped his own rum and named it Rom Rincón , after the old Capital of Bonaire. Other spirits like Vodka, Whisky and Gin followed.

Rom Rincon is spiced in the classic Caribbean tradition…

Today’s Caribbean rum distillers have hundreds of years experience perfecting the art of distillation, aging and blending.

In the early days, adding spices to rum was needed because the rums were so crude and harsh that seamen would blend and mix in any spices they had to improve and smooth-out its flavor.

We followed this tradition but started out with high quality rum we create in our own artesian distillery in the heart of Rincon.

When he started Eric set aside a few small barrels of Rom Rincon to create a private stock of Rom Rincon. Years later the small casks were opened and bottled for private use. Since he had enough, Eric started sharing some of his Private Stock with his friends. Big mistake! Soon he got so many requests from his friends, and friends from friends, and friends from friends from friends.

Making and drinking rum is a great way to make friends. So now Rom Rincon Private Stock is for sale. Only at The Cadushy Distillery and Selected Stores. (and Rumworld is one of them)

Cadushy Distillerie

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Rom Rincon