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Richland Rum

An Introduction to Richland Rum
The Spirit of Georgia® is Born
Richland Distilling Company began in 1999 on the farm at Richland Estate where sugarcane is grown for the sole purpose of making our rum. Twenty years later, with two distilleries in Richland & Brunswick, Georgia, and multiple award winning rum expressions, our Rum is setting the standard for top quality rum making around the world.

The Richland Rum Process
A Masterpiece Composed in 3 Acts
From the farm to the barrel house, our Rum is an authentic, “Single-Estate” rum created with appreciation for quality and detail. Each phase, or “Act” of our Rum Process is a masterstroke in high quality rum making, and should be seen as an artistic endeavor rather than an economic one.
Act I: The Farm
Our Rum Begins at Richland Estate
The warm sun, sandy & nutritious soil, and water from the Georgia Aquifer combine to provide the perfect terroir for growing sugarcane at Richland Estate. By cultivating and harvesting sugarcane that needs only these three natural ingredients in order to thrive, our Rum may be called an “Elemental Rum”.
Act II: The Distilleries
Excellence in Richland & Brunswick, GA
Act II turns harvested sugar cane into 100% Pure Sugar Cane Syrup (“Richland Almost Rum”), which is introduced to a proprietary strain of yeast and then fermented. The fermented wine wash is used for distillation, and the liquid that eventually drips patiently from the copper pot stills may be called Richland.
Act III: The Barrel House
One Rum, Five Award-Winning Expressions
Although each of our Rum Expression comes from the same distilled spirit, it is their treatment during the barrel aging phase (Act III) which determines their flavor profile. No matter the treatment, each RR expression is a masterstroke in rum making that sets the standard for what it means to be a high quality, artisan rum.


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Richland Rum

Richland Rum