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Santa Teresa Rum

Meer informatie over Santa Teresa Rum

generations of maestros roneros

To become a Maestro Ronero at Santa Teresa you must earn your stripes here in our home. Every Meastro Ronero learns under the watchful, artisan eye of a seasoned Santa Teresa Maestro. They must diligently acquire the knowledge and craft skills; the senses; the memory; the recipes – first to apply themselves, and then to pass on to the next generation.

the solera technique

Handed down from maestro to maestro, the solera method ensures every Bottle of Santa Teresa has some of the very first cask running through it. That’s because the original cask was never emptied. Instead, each time a Bottle is drawn, the cask is topped up with a slightly younger rum. And this is repeated with each and every bottle of Santa Teresa.

craftsmanship in every aspect

Everything about Santa Teresa, from the special pot still rum, to the Solera Method, to the bottling system, and the application by hand of the wax used to seal the cork, makes every bottle a unique and exclusive piece.

Santa Teresa

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Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa Rum