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The Lovers Rum

Born out of a passion & Tradition
The Lovers Rum was born out of a passion for the liquid that gave base to some of the most well-known classic rum cocktails, and its concept was inspired by a family tradition of fortune-telling amongst the women in my family.

These women read Tarot cards for the family to predict the future; my grandmother passed this down to my mother, and she passed this down to my sister, who also took this up as a hobby rather than a profession, so I wanted to honour their memory with this rum. In the same fashion as a rum Master Blender places a liquid into barrels to create something for the future, anticipating the taste of that liquid, these women predicted the future with Tarot cards.


We created The Lovers Rum combining culture, design, emotions and fantasy into a liquid.

Our unique bottle feature displays a Tarot card label that is instantly recognisable, allowing you to spot your favourite rum instantly. The Lovers Rum Tarot card design displays a myriad of layered symbols that directly connect the characteristics and flavour profile of this rum. The label’s story is one of adventure, exploration and fantasy, full of hidden messages.

As each new rum in this series is released, a unique Tarot card label on the bottle will tell the story of the rum inside.

Mr. Daiquiri PTE

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The Lovers Rum