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Tobacco Rum



Antonio Nadal


ANTONIO NADAL S.A. is a dynamic and constantly evolving enterprise, based on strong family values and goodwill.

It´s performance has been stable and constant thanks to the determination of the owners, and now holds a vast and established client base.

Currently ANTONIO NADAL S.A. has a team of 40 people and manufactures a range of 180 different beverages. These products include TUNEL DE MALLORCA herb liqueur and PALO TUNEL, both protected by the Geographical Denomination Palo de Mallorca and the Geographical Denomination of Herbes de Mallorca.

The predominant market of ANTONIO NADAL S.A. is the Balearic Islands where it has a share of all segments of the beverage sector. It also has a notable presence on the Mediterranean coast of Spain and the Canary Islands. These are strategic showcase locations for international tourism.

The current European export destinations are: Portugal, Germany , Italy , Belgium, Andorra , Luxembourg, Britain, Russia, Ukraine , Belarus , Latvia , Estonia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Slovakia , Hungary , Greece and Holland. Over the last 3 years, exports extended to South America and Asia, including Peru, Colombia, Panama, Korea, Japan, China and India.

ANTONIO NADAL S.A. is currently focusing on expanding into new European and non European markets, to maintain sustainable growth.

Between 2009 and 2012, the TUNEL factory near Palma de Mallorca underwent a complete makeover motivated by two main factors. First, the upgrade of the building raised energy saving standards and allowed us to expand our client training department in a dedicated Mixology Room. Second, but not least, the complete renovation and expansion of the production line, including new bottling lines, and a new fully equipped laboratory has enabled us to meet growing international demand.


Antonio Nadal

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Antonio Nadal