Muraro Rum

More than 60 years of history of quality in drinks.

The Italian immigrant Ernesto Gaetano Muraro founded Muraro Bebidas in 1953. In the beginning the company was a small winery, but the opportunities and the effort trough time led to the development of many other beverages that nowadays constitute the large company’s portfolio.


There are nearly a hundred product developed and made by Muraro, and each one of them is the result of three factors: an idea, a careful formulation and a high quality production.


The more than sixty years of history enabled Muraro to conquer markets all over Brazil. The company is also a supplier for many markets overseas, and has already exported its products for more than 20 countries, assuring quality and credibility in every bottle sent to other countries.


Muraro has two industrial plants, a total of 12.500 m² of dedicated factory area and 10 million liters of tanking capacity. The company’s production lines are internationally certified and are constantly improved.

Opgericht: 1953

Lokatie: Flores da Cunha, Brazilie

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