Santiago Distilleria Rum

Cubano por naturaleza

It was in Santiago de Cuba that “light traditional rum” came into being, traditional because it comes from molasses, the end product of the boiling of sugar cane to make sugar crystals, light because it is clean and naturally distilled to reach a perfect level of alcohol. For the first time in the history of rum, a 5-10 and 15 year aging bacteria is cultivated and his Distilleria witnesses the birth of the refinement by aging of rum. In a century and a half it conquered the world, putting Santiago de Cuba and its Distilleria on the map as the birthplace of rum. In 1959 the heirs of Bacardi, who had trademarked their drink in the Bahamas, left Cuba. The Distilleria and its maestros roneros continue to make its famous rum in the traditional manner. Ron Varadero is registered as the trademark of the Santiago distilleria, and its logo recalls the symbolic “red sun” 

Varadero Rum *(9)

Opgericht: 1862

Lokatie: Santiago, Cuba

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