St. Vincent Distillers Rum


Today, St. Vincent Distillers Ltd. boasts a clean, modern facility comprised of an expert team of distillers, blenders, bottlers, technicians, and administrative staff.

Together, they produce a variety of rums ranging from white to aged, and blended products, which continually win awards in international rum tasting competitions.Locally, the most popular product is Sunset Very Strong Rum, which is 84.5% alcohol by volume, and is often blended with other ingredients to produce a distinctive “Vincy” flavour. SLR is a smooth, white rum, bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.


Captain Bligh XO and Sunset Premium Rum  are both aged rums with their own unique, smooth, palatable flavours that all "brown rum” connoisseurs desire.St. Vincent Distillers is also proud of its branded Sunset Rum Punch, popular throughout the Caribbean

Opgericht: 1963

Lokatie: Kingstown, St. Vincent

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