Tavasa Destilerias Rum

Excellence in spirits


TAVASA is one of the leading Spanish manufacturers of alcoholic beverages. Its portfolio spans from spirits (whiskey, vodka, gin, rum...), marc, creams and liqueurs with or without alcohol, to wines and juice concentrates.

We are a family company with 165 years of history and a great industrial experience. Our drinks stand out for their quality, innovation and the use of the best materials and technologies. Furthermore, the fusion of the traditional techniques with the modern machinery gives a unique and personal character to our products.

TAVASA offers Premium brands and excellent spirits at very competitive prices, letting consumers enjoy our products at any time and place. Our drinks are present at major shopping areas in Spain, in the retail industry and in several markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

TAVASA drinks from tradition, but it is also a modern and flexible enterprise with a clear and rapid adaptation to new market demands, promoting responsible drinking and environmental care.

Opgericht: 1847

Lokatie: Toledao, Spanje

Website: Tavasa

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Twitter: @dtavasa