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Rom Rincon Rum

Established: 2009
Location: Rincon, Bonaire
Website: Cadushy
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Facebook: Cadushy Distillery 
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Rum from Bonaire? Yes, Eric Gietman a Dutchman, was a couple of years ago on his honeymoon (with his wife ofcourse) to Bonaire and they liked it so much that they stayed there (after a few years orientation and holidays)

They have bought a beautiful old empty partycenter with a large theater, antique house, beautiful large garden and various outbuildings. They started with some herbs to make liqueurs that are very popular on Bonaire (and beyond) and now also a delicious Spiced Rum from which the molasses comes from Suriname.

If you are on Bonaire or go there again, feel free to take a look, Eric and Jolande like to lead you around and let you taste the tastiest liqueurs and drinks.

Rom Rincon Private Reserve Rum