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Notes by Erik Voskamp the Dutch Rum Ambassador.

A little sweet nose with Tutti Frutti, caramel and some fresh tobacco in the distance. 
The taste is a surprisingly light body with vanilla, caramel, cane sugar, butterscotch, tutti frutti and in the distance light tobacco.
The finish is dry with a short lasting aftertaste.

Country Panama
Category Solera Aged
Style Spanish
Strenght 40%
Cask Type Bourbon white oak
Stated Age 5YO
Distillery Don José Distillery
Bottler Varela Hermanos
Added 12-12-2019

Drink suggestion.

Tess Posthumus from Flying Dutchmen Cocktails Amsterdam suggests a Panama Old Fashioned


60 ml of Abuelo Añejo
5 ml cream the banana liqueur
2 dashes of chocolate bitters
1 dash of smoked salt solution
Stir & strain in a tumbler with a large piece of ice.
Garnish: 2 slices of salty dried banana

Put a handful of ice cubes in a measuring cup.
Then add the Ron Abuelo Anejo, the crème de banana, the bitters,
the dash of salt solution and stir gently to the volume of moisture
increased by about 30%.
Take a rock glass and add a few ice cubes.
Pour the measuring cup out into the rock glass through a strainer or sieve.
Garnish with two pieces of salty banana chips.


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