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Asmussen Rum

Established: 1860
Location: Nordhausen, Germany
Website: Asmussen
Visiting: Not provided
Facebook: FeinerAltenAsmussenRum
Instagram: N/A

Moin Moin and welcome to Feiner alte Asmussen. Why Moin Moin?
Because our Asmussen has its origin in Northern Germany, more precisely in Flensburg. And that was even Danish. You didn't know that at all? Do you know what a Pharisee is? Or what is the difference between our Asmussen 54 and the Asmussen 40? If not, then you've come to the right place. And if you already know very well, you can still discover a lot here.

Asmussen 80% Rum

Asmussen Spiced Rum

Asmussen Verschnitt Rum

Asmussen White Rum