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Presidente Rum


Presidente Rum is a rum from Oliver & Oliver, one of the three biggest companies in the Dominican Republic specialising in the production of high quality rum. This family of Cuban origin set up their business on the island in the town of Santo Domingo at the end of the 19th century. Perpetuating their ancestral skills with precision and pride, this family business produces magnificent rums that meet the expectations of veritable connoisseurs. They offer a wide variety of rums and adapt to different consumer tastes. The company proposes traditional Cuban style rums as well as “Rones de malta”, today considered a category of its own. Rones de Malta? This is the Dominican name given to a blend of rums made in both pot stills and in column stills. These distillates are more complicated to produce but they bring rich aromas giving a smooth and creamy texture. Oliver & Oliver are experts in this distilling technique, enabling them to offer a stunning range of rums.

All the rums in the Presidente Rum range are made using the Solera method: a method of fractional ageing where each rum is aged for a certain length of time in different French or American oak casks. Discover the aromas of these mahogany coloured rums!

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